There’s A Reason Why It’s Called Social Media

Guys, I’m not the most talkative guy in town. I do most of my talking through my blog posts while I’m at work. And, boy, do I work hard. Just ask my boss. And in spite of my work being very good, thank you very much, it was she who advised me how to get more followers on Instagram. Yes, we’re both using Instagram platforms apart from our regular internal communication channels. We both have a load of responsibilities on our shoulders. My work is primarily the writing. She’ll edit my stuff every now and then.

And after she’s given me the go ahead, I’ll do the publishing work as well. I’m using WordPress, YouTube and Instagram platforms, depending on our mutual client and the subject matter. How about you, what’re you using? Apart from promoting our clients’ work via these channels, my boss, and her boss in turn, are using Facebook, Instagram’s parent, to canvass for new clients. The big cheese says it’s all about location, location and, yes, you got that right, location. Tongue in cheek, I call it wet’s up.

That’s WhatsApp to the rest of you. While you probably all know that it has its great uses and all, I find it to be rather tedious. Here, let me explain why. And while we’re at it, this brings me around to the main subject I wanted to raise with you guys. WhatsApp, in our case, is mostly for personal, as in social and family, use. I use it occasionally to keep in touch with my family. That’s understandable because we all live miles apart and we hardly see each other these days, except around Christmas and Thanksgiving.

And my birthday, of course. We’re also big on the Easter weekend, so we all make an effort to gather round and break bread together. But just this past Easter, I got quite irritated. You see, right at the dinner table, my brothers and their kids were kidding around with WhatsApp. And I nearly fell off of my chair when my seventy-five-year-old dad started tapping around on his smart mobile. He was showing off like a young kid. This was his first ever smartphone, you see. Had to wonder if this is what happens when we start to grow old.

We start acting out like young kids again? Maybe that’s alright because I’m a guy that believes in being young at heart, not always easy to do during our busy work schedules. Speaking of which, I really look forward to decent breaks from my desk during the day. My next ‘lunch’ break is due in, oh, let’s see, the next two, three hours. Can’t wait. I’ll be heading out a few blocks down for just one quick ale. By that time, all the local guys will be around. There’ll be hoots of entertainment. But in this one tight corner, there’s this young guy who forgot to switch off and relax for a while.

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